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What is Organizing?

The common term for a group of workers looking to join a union is organizing. Workers organize for various reasons, be it to improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, and/or to create a better working environment.

What is a Local Union?

It is an organization that consists of a group of craftsmen that are united not only in their craft, but in the securing of better wages, fringe benefits and working conditions, with the ultimate goal to obtain a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

What Have Unions Accomplished for all Workers?

Unions have made life better for all working Americans by helping to pass laws ending child labor, establishing the eight (8) hour work day, protecting workers safety and health and helping create social security, unemployment insurance and the minimum wage, for example: unions are continuing the fight today to improve life for all working families in America.

The UA Constitution identifies our primary mission in unambiguous terms: to organize all of the workers in our trade. 

Local Union 234 is committed to organizing all unorganized craftsmen working in our jurisdiction.

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