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UA Local Union No. 234 - History

On February 23, 1901 the executive board of the United Association granted a charter to Local Union 234 in Jacksonville, Florida. T.B. Butler, C.W. Carter, P. Danese, Albert Esser, George Keffe and A.J. Walker sponsored the application. By June of 1902 the membership had grown to 50. One of the reasons for the growth was the great fire that destroyed most of Downtown Jacksonville in May of 1901. Membership between 1901 and 1940 fluctuated from 6 to as high as 104. When World War II broke out, the number skyrocketed up to 1,234 in 1943. During those years, there was a tremendous amount of work in connection with the construction of the military bases and shipyards. Local 234 played a big part in the war effort by helping to build Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Mayport Naval Base, Cecil Field and Camp Blanding, as well as 82 Liberty Ships, 12 Tankers, 6 Victory Ships and 19 PT Boats. Since that time the number has slowly climbed to about 1,200.

There have been three other Local Unions that merged into Local 234. Local 770, Jacksonville, that represented refrigeration and air conditioning merged with 234 February 1960; Local 724, Gainsville, in December 1975; and Local 592 Tallahassee in January 2010.

From 1901 through 1944 the Local Union met at a variety of places. Then from 1944 until 1965 the Local Union met in the Labor Temple at 808 Main Street. In August 1965 the Local moved to the Carpenters Hall at 920 Main Street. In July 1964 Local 234 purchased property at 5411 Cassidy Road and in July 1965 sold the building at 808 Main Street. In June 1967 the Local Union moved into its present building at 5411 Cassidy Road, where we maintain our union offices and meeting hall.