Highly Skilled Workforce

Joining our organization means you are joining over a thousand local members with the same goals as you. From plumbing to HVAC, our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, with the simple principle in common: We know how to get the job done right!


Local 234 has been around for

0 years

Being one of the oldest organizations has it’s charms, but the reason we have been around for so long is due to the fact that we are constantly striving for excellence. Our technicians have proven their credibility over multiple generations, and plan to continue for many more.

Quality Training

With over $250,000,000 spent annually on training new members, we strive to create top-notch technicians that are ready to enter the field and start working. We pride ourselves on expertise, skill, and knowledge of the industry, and our work reflects our ideals.



Apprenticeship Program

One of the main priorities of our organization is training qualified technicians that can handle any job. This is why we offer the best 5 year certification program, with thousands of hours of on the job training.